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Polar Bear in Love

Life in a Fish Tank

Mysterious Garden

Revenge of the tuna casserole

The great potato chip makeover

Deer in the headlights

Moby Dick gets a walkman for Christmas

Greek olive / Geek olive

Once Ethel discovered the macarena...

Henrietta trying to look lustful

Sinatra's influence on popcorn

Stylish plants

The great toothpaste uprising

Burger, milkshake and flies

It was horrible...

Open auditions for the cinematic blockbuster "Van Gogh's Ear"

Some people love their jobs

Duck with a nose job

Piece of mind

Parlez-vous escargot?

The ice cube's many faces

Porcupine mating call

Thumper the elephant

Nouveau riche

The flying nun gets caught in a nasty tailwind

Did you forget to floss today?

Sushi for dinner

The origins of "Hip Hop"

The usual suspects

The joy of chilling out