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Mildred cuts loose

Zorg blends in

Deep in the jungle...

The key to a worm milkshake

It's called a "buffet"

Feline accessories

The softball self-esteem initiative

What cavities worry about

Henry seemed to have it all

My love for you is off the charts

Chicken and egg answer an age old question

The day the chickens took flight

Hands's a choke collar...

Coming to terms with the loss of your dry cleaners

Anthropologists finally identify the elusive, lisping cobra

Contact lenses make my eyes bulge

Cow's eyes dipped in petroleum

Living happily in a place called denial

The power of positive thinking

It's over Herbert...

Introducing: the self-dunking doughnut

One day, just to be contrary...

Sometimes you just need a moment to be alone with your thoughts

Egg diary: fear of frying

Eye, ear, nose and throat doctor

Beatrice got tired of playing second fiddle

Give peace a chance

I'd like to unfreeze my assets

Goat tee with goatee

Henry, our relationship is on the rocks

A bad hair day

Best Wishes, Harvard University

Stop hogging the ball

Fido confesses

I may be paranoid...

Direct marketing to zoo animals

It's important to love what you do

Sally knew that she was born to tap dance

Exotic bird beauty pageant

One day...

Radioactive waste

The standardized aptitude test's reading apprehension section

What rocks talk about

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Snake charmer

Well, if you happen to see him...

Diary of a sneeze


An automated telemarketer calls your answering machine

Telephone tag

Fashion envy

Behind bars at the ketchup factory

The bedbugs hogged the blankets

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