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The pressures of life

My favorite two words...

What is Crunchyworld?

Journey to Crunchyworld

Crunchy Magic: The Abominable Crunchy Snowman

Crunchy Magic: Crunchy Deals With Divorce

Crunchy Magic: Crunchy Goes To Japan

Crunchy Magic: The Crunchy Cleaner

Crunchy Magic: Soggyman All Washed Up

Crunchy Magic: Caught In The Teacher's Web

Crunchy Magic: Zelda, The Anti-Bedmonster

Crunchy Magic: Mathilde, The Veggie Eater

The Other Side

The Ding-dongs

I wish I had a knack for something

You're always over-reacting

I'm pooped

A hug hello

It's hard work to make yourself gorgeous

You could earn a fortune

Technically I was not cheating...

Now for some mischief...

A safe and boring life is not worth living!

Give me a hand

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