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The Cast of Crunchy Cartoons

I'm finally ready to stick up for myself

I know how to assert myself!

Oh, Joy!

I'm finally free to follow my dreams!

How about becoming a great chef...?

No one understands me

The Love Letter

Don't expect me to be nice

My best friend

A smiley face in my email

New Talent

I'll make you a star

I can live with being poor

I'm very popular, you know

Pretty nifty, don't you think?

I went to Harvard

No seats in first class

Doesn't anyone love me?

I can't believe she left me

How do I give my life new meaning?


A huge website

I don't like to work too hard

Voila! My own grape soda!

Print plane tickets yourself!

Don't you care?

No free lunch

A productive weekend

Relaxation Techniques

I love to clean

I'm just a corporate drone

What should you do if you're trapped in a matchbox?

Sometimes I feel totally alone...

What should I do?

I live to paint!

Beauty Tips

What happens when I die?

How do you wake a hippo?

How do you cheer up a spider?