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Please Come to a July 4th Party!

Let's spend some time together

You're Invited to a Housewarming!

Let's Have a Meal Together!

Let's Go Out to Eat

You're invited to a Tennis Party!

Let's Celebrate!

It's a Pool Party!

Come to a Pool Party!

Please come to a meeting

Let's have a drink

I R.S.V.P. I will attend !

Please come to a picnic

You're invited to a barbecue!

Save the date!

Let's have a drink.

You're invited...Please come!

It's a party!

Want to catch a moo-v?

You're invited!

How about a game?

Let's watch some television...

Join me for a power lunch

How about some coffee?

Let's have a meal together.

Let's have lunch.

Let's grab a drink...(grab the drink and hold it down)

Let's catch a bite (catch the bite and hold it down)

Come to a Hallowe'en Party!

Come to a Hallowe'en Party!

Please come for Thanksgiving!

It's a Christmouse Party!

Come to a New Year's Party!

It's a Party!

It's a Party!

It's a Party!

Let's celebrate!

Please Come to a Baby Shower!

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