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Get first class ticket to Paris!

Snow is fun!

Reading is fun

A New York moment...Don't talk to your neighbors

A New York moment...the art scene in SOHO

You have just won one million dollars!

Family is fun

Exotic foods are delicious

When the going gets tough...the tough go shopping!

Why didn't the shark eat the lawyer?

Oh what a goose I am!

Some poeple will try anything for a date...

Vigorous exercise will help you live longer...if you don't die from a heart attack first!

You hit a home run...Your team had switched to the outfield so you scored for the wrong team

The coach says the team is lucky to have you...since they've never had a better water-boy!

You finally found the perfect dress...too bad you're not the perfect size!

You finally got your work done!

A New York moment...when the city overtakes you and runs you down

Your best friend

You have found a patch of four-leaf clovers!

A holiday in Hawaii!

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