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I'm trying to ketchup...

Did you hear the great news?

Don't oversleep!

Thank you for letting me waste your time!

Animated Flowers

Just when life was going swimmingly

Hurry up and make your move

Everything's coming up roses

We're playing 'Tag Crunchymail' and you're it! Now send this Crunchymail to the next person.

I'm getting bored

More Animated Flowers


Life is an adventure!

For your eyes only

I'm going as fast as I can!

I am sending you a blind copy

Let's keep it confidential.

Help! I'm in computer hell!

Should we make any changes?

Let's horse around...

What's your sign?

Somebody help! I'm completely at sea...

I love junk food!

I love sushi

Greetings from Mount Fuji

Greetings from a sumo wrestler...

Do the mid-week disco!

Remember to pay your bills

Computer users have more fun!

I'm at wit's end...!

Sorry to bug you...

I'm having trouble getting your attention

Don't Smoke

It's beastly hot outside

Good night...and don't let the bedbugs bite!

I wanted to send you this belated let you know that I'm thinking of you!

It's Time for a Makeover

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